About Us

Why Ascendant?

Over the past few years technology platforms for small and medium businesses have become more complex, integrated and at times, very scary.  Many organizations are looking for outside expertise that can help them with their technology needs, without costing them a fortune.   This is exactly why we created Ascendant IT Solutions. Our unique background and expertise in the area of cloud computing, security, and enhanced service delivery for small and medium businesses allows us the opportunity to provide a flat fee service that meets your budget.  

Our philosophy has been to be the go-to experts for our clients, in essence, become their dedicated IT department so they do not have to worry about technology and instead focus on their organization and we’ll help them ascend to the next level by implementing the best technologies to get them there. 

Our vision is to provide a 100% trouble free technology platform for all of our clients.


Abraham Issa, Partner

Abraham Issa, co-founder of Ascendant IT Solutions is a visionary with over 30 years of IT leadership experience.  He understands there is a huge gap between enterprise level technology and small business technology and is the key architect in implementing affordable enterprise level technologies for the SMB (small & medium business) network.  His passion is to help SMBs grow and achieve the organization goals by implementing secure, reliable and leading technologies.  His expertise extends to operating a 24×7 NOC for monitoring the health and stability of networks, cyber security as well as virtual and cloud environments.

Abraham has been a local business owner in the San Diego area for over 30 years and understand the specific needs of businesses in this market segment.  He is often discussing technology solutions in the business community and provides outside the box thinking in solving operational issues by implementing the right technology platform.

Mark Davis, VP Business Development

Mark Davis is in charge of new client development and client experience for Ascendant IT Solutions and has been a part of the outsourced IT support industry for over 20 years.   He has worked directly with small business as their virtual CIO to help pave the path for the technology implementation.   Mark possesses a deep understanding of challenges to SMBs in different industries and provides technical and business consultative support for them. 

Mark often leads discussions with clients and industry leaders on the topics of cloud storage, backup and disaster recovery, cloud migrations and best data analytics for business analysis.