Why cloud services by Ascendant?

When considering a move to the cloud, there are two primary reasons that any (and every) small business should take on board – cost and scalability.

As we all work to be more efficient and to invest wisely and with longevity, every business decision we take needs to consider these two pillars of business growth. With this in mind, more and more SMBs are moving from a capital expenditure model to an operations expense model when it comes to their office infrastructure.

Why Cloud Services
Why? Good Question.

Operating on-premise equipment requires upgrades that can eat into a business’ CapEx quickly and significantly. Consider that servers are generally upgraded every three to five years, along with corresponding software, at a cost of somewhere in the region of $10,000 to $20,000. But with cloud, there is no purchase of hardware or software, you simply pay your monthly recurring fee to use your cloud of choice, plus that cloud’s servers and services.

There are also no upfront costs or outlay, which obviously also helps save money – critical for small businesses, whose CapEx, if too high, can drag down an otherwise nimble organization.

As well as CapEx savings, small businesses can benefit from the scalability the public cloud offers. Scalability is important. As a small business, even a small amount of growth can require a significant shift in technology. For example, as your SMB starts to grow, you realize you need accounting software. With an on-premise infrastructure, this software would have to go on the internal server, which would mean adding resources to that server to accommodate this need.

What this means in reality is that with a server, you would have to replace your initial memory of say 32 gigs of RAM with 64 gigs of RAM, which means physically taking the memory out and replacing it with new memory in order to upgrade. The same applies with disk space – if you have more files and need more memory, you have to physically install this. With the cloud, these things are two or three clicks away, and that’s it.

For SMBs who already have their files and email in the cloud, there is no additional hardware purchase or reconfiguration of a server necessary. There’s an abundance of resources available to enable you to build upon your existing cloud services – you simply allocate more resources in that cloud environment for your new services.

Here at Ascendant IT Solutions, we understand the importance of cost and scalability for small business. Our leadership has over 15 years’ experience with SMBs and we understand intimately the specific needs and constraints that come with running a small business, as well as the best technologies to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

The software that SMBs need is second nature to us – whether it’s for accounting, office productivity, fundraising, database management – we have worked with every variation of small business software. With over 200 small business clients throughout our 15 years of experience, we understand how the small business environment needs to be set up, what it needs to be secure and have good redundancy and backup.

We also, of course, understand meticulously the relationship between SMBs and the cloud. Trust us to take your business to the next level and help you navigate the cloud easily with minimal cost and disruption to your business. It will be the best decision you ever made for your SMB.