Why VoIP is the right choice for your small business, and how we can help

When it comes to telephone systems, many small businesses are still using a PBX system, even though today’s technology has surpassed the effectiveness of PBX and offers so much more.

Voice over IP (VoIP) offers SMBs an option that is stable and mature; it benefits from portability, as well as the increased availability of bandwidth. Its default feature set presents myriad benefits to SMBs, especially those who are looking to streamline their costs and monthly commitments.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

With new VoIP systems there is also the convenience factor to consider. You and your staff can make calls on your computer, on your mobile phone, and on a desk handset. On top of the convenience factor, VoIP opens up a whole new world of capabilities, including seamlessly tying into your software.

For example, if you have CRM software and you’re taking calls via a VoIP system, when a call comes in, your phone system can now talk to your CRM system and pull up the information of the customer on the phone as soon as the call comes in, meaning you don’t have to search for it.

VoIP also ties into Microsoft Office 365, which now has a voice compatibility feature built in enabling you to use your VoIP system over Teams, or schedule with Outlook easily, and make calls directly out of the platform. In other words, VoIP offers your SMB a great deal of interoperability with other applications. And importantly, it is a seamless interoperability.

There are also considerable cost savings to be found with VoIP. A traditional phone system costs a lot more than running your voice system over an existing internet connection, which is exactly what VoiP does. Plus the support you require for VoIP is already included in your monthly managed services fees.

Here at Ascendant IT Solutions our leadership has a huge amount of experience working with small businesses on their VoIP implementations and usage. Our deep experience with small businesses has seen us work with hundreds of businesses in terms of budget analysis and helping SMBs to manage their IT budget.

One of the areas that we have found where they can certainly cut IT cost and expenditures is by consolidating certain things. This is where VoIP makes masses of sense for small businesses, because going to the newer phone system technology that VoIP employs leads to significant cost savings.

It’s also of note that as your MSP, we will already be involved in the network side and application side of your business; VoIP can integrate with both of those, making Ascendant IT Solutions the right fit to put it all together for you, and VoIP the right choice for your SMB’s telephone needs.